Monday, May 29, 2006

Sketchbook has arrived !

After much running around to local idiot printers, I finally have the thing in my boney little hands. For the low, low introductory rate of just $7.99 you...yes, YOU get a 16 page booklet of B & W Frank art. Complete with color front and back cover. Be the envy of your friends as you peruse the super funtabulous doodles inside. Okay enough hype. I just have to relate my frustrations with the print/copy shops around here. It took a full week to get it stapled. Here's the gripe. I went to Office Depot to have the color cover done. I asked if they could staple it. No the woman told me, "You'll have to go to our store on Rt. 40 for that". I go to Rt. 40. "Can you staple this?", I ask, "No" is the reply. He explains that his stapler could never penetrate such heavy card stock. "Perhaps", he suggests, I try Kinkos. I call Kinkos. Nope, can't do it. The machine's down. "When will it be fixed?", I ask..."uh..don't know..maybe, like Tuesday?" Next I try a (No pun here)........ Staples. Believe it or not they say that they can do it! I go in and take a sample booklet with me, where what to my wondering eyes, it staples it ! With....get this......
The very same stapler that the Office Depot idiot assured me wound never work ! Amazing but true folks. Now step right up and put your order in.

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