Friday, May 12, 2006

Belated Introduction and Background Info.

Hi to everyone who drops in here. A few paragraphs of background on what brings me to this point in my artistic life.
My early childhood was filled with wonderous images from movies, comics and cartoons. My best friend's grandmother was the manager of a movie theatre in Arbutus Maryland. The Hollywood. She even lived in an apartment build next to, and over the theatre ! Needless to say, I saw tons of cool movies for free at the Hollywood while growing up. In no particular order. These are some of the films I remember seeing there.
101 Dalmations, Snow White, One Million Years B.C., Thunderball, 2001: A Space Odessy, You Only Live Twice, Golden Voyage of Sinbad, 20,000 Leagues Under The get the picture. I'll never forget seeing those two green glowing "eyes" of the submarine, Nautilis heading straight towards me on an enormus movie screen with that weird sound effect that sounded suspiciously like the tasmanian devil spinning round in any number of warner Bros. cartoons ! These were the films of my childhood at the "movies". Television was a whole 'nuther ball game. Sure there were movies on T.V., the best of which were shown late on Friday and Saturday nights. This is where our local "Ghost Host" theatre was run. These were all of the old Universal and Hammer horror pictures. They were great too!
As for cartoons, my favorites were Tom & Jerry, any Tex Avery stuff from his MGM heyday, Jonny Quest, and The Jetsons. Warner Bros. stuff was always funny. Disney, just plain beautiful. Other favorite T.V. shows were Batman, The Green Hornet, Lost in Space and other Irwin Allen fantasies like Land of the Giants. Cool stuff. Loads of colorful sets and special effects. Hot looking babes. Great music scores. The music alone was awesome on these shows. They had people like Al Hirt, John Williams, Neal Hefti...I mean come on. When was the last time a T.V. show had great background music? I guess thats why I am not a big T.V. person these days. The shows are boring
Thats a little background on what I was doing as a kid. My dad used to take alot of 8mm home movies of my brother and I goofing around at christmas. Well once I found out that Ray Harryhausen had made skeletons walk all by their self through the technique of stop-motion photography, I just had to try it !

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