Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Greeting Cards.

Some of you may already be familiar with these, but what the heck. I like them alot. I think they show off her personality better than some of my other illustrations of the same character. They are from a series of greeting cards I would like to get to the public one day !
Wow, sorry to cut things short but it took forever just to get this one image on. Sheesh ! I'll be back with more I promise.

I'm Back !

This is a logo I did last fall for a store down in Federal Hill in Baltimore. The shop owner is named Juls. She's really nice. Visit her shop and buy something nice for yourself. She has my art on her shopping bags and clothing tags as well ! Yaaaaaaa, I'm sorta famous.

Next up is a tip of the hat to the older days of pin-up magazines from the late 60's and early 70's. Kinda cute eh?

Okay, So I caved, here's why...

As both of you know, (Yes the 2 people that actually read this !) I was going to cancel it due to lack of interest on both and the audience of none, but....
I was reading some new profiles on myspace from 2 different Stephs. One in California, one in Germany and I was so overwhelmed with their talent and goodwill toward other artists that I figured I should not only keep this blog but update it as well. Thanks to both of you. I decided to put some of my artwork here that I don't have on myspace just to avoid being repetitive. Okay give me a few minutes to grab some drawings off my pc and stick them over here. Be right back.